It really pushed me to be more observant and creative in my job and community.
— Kimberly Kleiman-Lee, Lead GE Global Learning

For over six years we’ve been honored to be a part of the world renowned MDC leadership program at GE’s Crotonville education facility. Our program helps thousands of executives  generate their own creative energy and how to harvest it for consistent innovation in every imaginable field.


Rated the “most valued” event at Altria’s annual learning & development day, we worked with over 500 employees from all areas of the business to help them gain an understanding of a new innovation model. Participants took part in a series of hands-on workshops, which taught them practical strategies for innovation.


We designed our Executive MBA Course at the VCU School of Business to turn management professionals into creative leaders by giving them hands on experiences, new tools for collaboration to learn how to make the kind of calculated risks required for innovation. We challenge students to go above and beyond the status quo as they explore everyday innovation in an iterative process that allows them to find opportunities to apply their creativity to solve problems in their personal and professional lives.

You did what the best artists do: surprise us,
expand our boundaries, reveal something at the core of who we want to be.
— Zak Berkman, People’s Light & Theatre
ALR’s work is truly unique and their motivational effect, tremendous.
— Ivy Ross, Head of Glass at GoogleX

Our month-long engagement with Capital One's technical team responsible for leading a major shift in organizational processes, drew out under-utilized competencies and forged new ways for them to communicate and connect. Participants requested to continue with daily activities even after our initial 30-day challenge concluded.

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In serving as the first ever artist-in-residence at the VCU School of Business Noah worked with faculty and administration to embrace & embody their new strategic plan while also fostering dialogue between the staff & students. By creating art within the school, with the help students, he made their new mission to “drive the future of business through the power of creativity” visible.

This program was one of just 35 to be honored as part of the AACSB International "Innovations That Inspire” initiative. It was chosen out of 315 submissions across 33 countries that best represent the changing the face of management education.

Noah and his team helped us recast constraints and rules as a method for pushing us to be more creative.
— Julie Monroid, Chief Strategy Officer, Partner, Havas Health


Additional clients include:

  • GAP








We’ve run a series of workshops for several areas of Markel to support preparations for upcoming organizational changes. Participants found new ways to approach their work, allowing them to create strengths from what had previously been seen as weaknesses. Enthusiastic participation in our initial programs has lead to ongoing self-directed projects throughout the year.

Looking for a way to lead the business into its next phase the Capstrat creative team invited us to run three sessions with the staff. The workshops generated fresh perspectives within the group and led to a set of specific recommendations for leadership.

We had upper level management participate, field employees, office staff, everyone came together and shared in the experience which made it really meaningful for our office. It became a topic of discussion that brought a lot of people together, it really had a great impact
— Ian Jones, Communications Specialist, Columbia Gas

From the opening activity to the reflection at the end – everything was absolutely on point. I watched teachers that typically hide in the background, step into the spotlight and actively participate in their own personal and professional development. One teacher commented that today’s PD was ‘the best professional development that he had ever been a part of.’

— Jennifer Maddux Assistant Principal, Short Pump Middle School