Sprint Ahead With Us


On April 1st, we're kicking off #CreativeSprint, a fun, free way to get your creative muscles into shape, fast. 

Are you looking for the best way to generate creative energy for your projects and goals? The secret is making a commitment to regular creative practice.  I’m obviously a huge advocate of 365 projects as a path to personal and professional transformation, but I know how daunting that can seem – I actually had a few attempts at daily projects before Skull-A-Day!  

#CreativeSprint is a 30-day challenge, designed to help you experience the benefits even if you aren’t ready for a year-long commitment.

Make something every day and change your life. 

The tagline for my book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal is not an exaggeration. I’ve interviewed over 600 people who have completed daily projects of varying lengths and they all say the same thing - within just a couple of weeks they saw significant changes in their lives. Over and over, people have used daily creative practice to achieve the goals they set and then soared beyond them.  

Sign up for this 30-day challenge and experience it yourself.

We will email you instructions to get started and daily prompts to keep you going all month long. You choose your medium and we give you the support and encouragement you need to get it done. It can take as little as 30 seconds a day to complete, but you can take as much time as you like. The key is doing it every day and we’ll be with you each step of the way!

– Noah


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