#CreativeSprint Week 2

400 people have joined our 30-day challenge, and they are on FIRE!

We've completed nearly two full weeks of #CreativeSprint and are going strong sharing daily images and videos of our work. This past week we had a series of tasks with very specific constraints to explore how limitations can be a springboard for innovation and creativity. 

We found inspiration inside the box.

We worked with only one dollar.

We pulled a sentence from a book at random.

We made puzzles and were puzzled.

We played with our food.

We made public statements with legal graffiti. 

This is only a small sample of all the amazing things being created for #CreativeSprint. 

I encourage you to follow @ALRCreates and search #CreativeSprint on Instagram and Twitter to see more of the amazing work being created daily. You are welcome to jump in now and sprint with us for the rest of the month, too! SIGN UP HERE.