No April Fools

Hearts in hands and more. clockwise from top left: signjay, susiecarranzastudio, chicanalilly, debt964

Hearts in hands and more. clockwise from top left: signjaysusiecarranzastudiochicanalilly, debt964

With over 300 people signed up for #CreativeSprint, we’re seeing all kinds of fantastic responses the different tasks we are sending out daily. Since the sharing for this 30-day challenge is dispersed over different platforms (participants are encouraged to share on the social media site where they are most comfortable, instagram, twitter, facebook etc.), I will collect and post highlights here, every few days.

Day one they were tasked with making something that fit in the palm a hand with materials from their immediate surrounding. This resulted in a lot of lovely and efficient creations. I appreciated how many of them were documented while held in the palm of the creators hand, showing the intimacy of personal creative practice. Follow @ALRCreates and search #CreativeSprint on Instagram and Twitter to see more.