#CreativeSprint Home Stretch

I had to start this post with rainbows because it was just such an uplifting (and surreal) feeling to visit Instagram this morning and see this. I felt like I was Dorothy waking up in Oz only better, because it wasn't a dream! 

As we come into the home stretch of our 30-day challenge, it is these experiences that are getting me thinking about the tremendous potential for all the amazing things we can do together in the future. And that is really what creative practice is all about; exploring, testing, experimenting, playing and discovering what our own unique and authentic contribution can be to making the world better for ourselves and those we share it with, every day

This past week's tasks focused on different ways to collaborate and work together.

We took suggestions from friends.

We started something for another to finish.

We were inspired by other people's jobs.

We collaborated with other #CreativeSprint-ers.

We created games.

Only a few days left! Be sure to follow @ALRCreates and search #CreativeSprint on Instagram and Twitter to see more as we cross the finish line of this 30-day challenge.

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