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The April #CreativeSprint got such a great response that we are planning to launch another 30-day challenge in a few months! 

It was a lot of work to put the last month together and we want to take the time to revise and rebuild to make sure it remains fresh and exciting. In the meantime, we don't want to loose the momentum so we are launching monthly challenges that anyone can join in on. 

We will share a theme related to creative practice and give you a few activities to try out for yourself.  You may interpret these as literally or broadly as you like. Try them out as many times as you want to (once, daily, weekly). Invite friends, family, coworkers to join in. Just be sure to take a photo of what you do and share it online with #CreativeSprint & @ALRcreates . You'll also be able to use this to see other people’s experiences and learn how they are approaching this creative practice in their personal and professional life. 

Then, join a LIVE YOUTUBE CHAT with Noah Scalin FRIDAY, MAY 15th 12pm ET.  He will share his experience with this month's theme and take your questions.

Your May Challenge:

Get out of your environment


"The picture above is a temporary outdoor installation I made during the 2013, Governor's Island Art Fair in New York City. It is a portrait of physicist Richard Feynman made entirely of flower petals (see more here).

Time and time again, in my discussions with other artists, the point is made that getting out of your environment is one of the best and simplest ways to get the creative process rolling.

No matter how inspiring your workspace is, there’s only so much creative work that can be done within it. Of course if you’re in a place that’s not inspiring to begin with, the need to be elsewhere is even more urgent. And since most people spend the majority of their time indoors, they’re missing out on a much wider world of inspiration right outside the door.

The purpose of this month’s challenge is to explore how the physical relationship to your working environment effects your creative energy. You will see how even a small change in environment is powerful way to creating perspective shifts and open you up to new possibilities."

Don't forget to take a photo of what you do and share it online with #CreativeSprint & @ALRCreates.

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