Back to School

Fall is off to a running start! This season we were thrilled to have the opportunity to go back to school with several new clients. 

Noah kicked off #daVinciCreativeSprint with students at VCU daVinci Center with a presentation about what it takes to do what you enjoy, change the world and pay the bills. Afterward, they impressed us with their skull-making skills. 

Short Pump Middle School teachers invited us to kickoff their school year with a professional development workshop for their 60 teachers. We are passionate about arts education and arts-based learning in schools, so this was a particularly exciting day for us. Associate Principal, Jennifer Maddux shared her thoughts on the experience:

From the opening activity to the reflection at the end – everything was absolutely on point. I watched teachers that typically hide in the background, step into the spotlight and actively participate in their own personal and professional development. One teacher commented that today’s [session] was “the best professional development that he had ever been a part of.”

We created the orientation for Innovate LLP; a new interdisciplinary program at VCU that promotes in students the understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship. This group of college students, in different undergraduate programs, are all living and learning together for the next two years. Think: Real World plus Shark Tank. Kidding!

Our session allowed this group to get to know each other and explore collaborative working methods. We started out the day having them work in silence together to identify their common goals. Then, they broke into teams and took to the streets, making renegade art interventions to alter perspectives on the VCU campus. 


The Executive MBA program at VCU School of Business invited us to work with their second-year students, a group of leaders from a broad variety of backgrounds. They explored creative practices and built toolkits to help keep themselves innovative during their upcoming venture creation projects. Frank J. Franzak professor of marketing at VCU and the program’s coordinator offer these kind words:

Noah’s sessions made a terrific contribution to our program. Seeing creativity from an artist’s perspective was a worthwhile learning experience for me personally. I look forward to doing this again in future years.

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