5 Reasons to sign up for #CreativeSprint NOW

Our October #CreativeSprint starts tomorrow, but it is not to late too join.

This 30-day challenge will give you daily activities to push and strengthen your creative muscles.

You don’t need to be an artist or even creatively inclined to participate. No special skills required or creative experience needed to participate. You will revive one email a day during the month 


Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to join #CreativeSprint, right now!

1. You’ll get a sense of accomplishment every day

Advertising executive, Bari N. Greenstein felt a unique sense of accomplishment after completing each daily #CreativeSprint assignment.

“It is entirely different from the way I feel successful at work. This challenge was entirely self-fulfilling. I wasn't doing it to get paid or recognized, I was doing it to learn something about myself, to test my limits, and to remind myself how important it is for me to have a creative outlet - too often I get lost and forget.” 

2. You’ll surprise yourself

New parent, Emma Gordon, did not think she’d find the time to be creative in her day but got a motivational surprise.  “I did my first creative sprint [activity] at 3:30 am after feeding the baby...After the first few days, I noticed something. Ideas where coming to me. Ideas that had nothing to do with #CreativeSprint.”

3. You can act like a kid

#CreativeSprint had Archie Miller, a team-manager at Carmax, doing some silly things and it helped him connect with his own children and his inner-child

“Playful acts should not die with maturity. As we get older we must fight negative forces that try to convince us things aren’t possible.”  

4. You won’t be alone

You will be working alongside - and maybe even collaborating - with an amazing variety of people.  #CreativeSprint participants are an international group of executives, managers, students, teachers, parents, artists, activists, techies, 

Margarita Korol, a social-impact focused artist used #CreativeSprint to share her process with the world, “Letting folks in on my rapid prototypes is really good for iteration and evolving ideas to the next level…#CreativeSprint is in the spirit of creating output and sharing at all phases, not just at the point where you might call something your masterpiece.”

5. You Might Create An Avalanche

A simple daily act can add up. Think of each day you participate in #CreativeSprint as a snowball you roll down a mountain. The more snowballs you create and launch the more likely you are to start an avalanche. Artist Noah Scalin saw it happen when he started Skull-a-Day, within weeks of daily making and sharing, his life and creative output was already changed.

“…this month was not about sharing great work, it was about creating a consistent thread around a practice that will help me get better at what I want to do.”


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