Connecting Art and Business in Practice

via Americans for The Arts

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? We all know the answer to this old chestnut but there’s a reason why the joke persists.

After spending a lot of time considering how we might use our skills as artists to provide something of value beyond amplifying the voices of others (through advocacy, marketing, design, etc.) my brother and I launched a consultancy, Another Limited Rebellion, focused on the creative development of individuals and organizations. What does that mean? We are still figuring it out (and I hope to always be doing so!) but with this purpose, we have been able to bring the arts into some unlikely places (teaching executives collaborative skills through tap dance, using experimental theater to spur innovation, and generating group momentum with the power of skulls). We took the dialog we’d been having with each other and our fellow artists and started having it with clients and others in non-arts fields. The response has been enlightening and incredibly motivating.

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