How To Discover Unlimited Creativity by Starting Small, with Noah Scalin

Via The Creative Life Show

It’s a thrill to launch Creative LIfe Show interviews with the artist and activist Noah Scalin. On the surface, Noah is a successful artist, consultant and writer. But his story started as a frustrated, bored graphic designer, desperate to get himself out of a rut. On a whim, he decided to commit to making and sharing a new piece of art a day – a Skull a Day. The project became a global, viral hit, and led to a whole new creative business and life.

It’s easy to think about creativity as being about big ideas with big results. What Noah Scalin shows so successfully is that there’s huge power in small starts, tight restrictions and simply showing up regularly. And that, rather than ideas being used up, small ideas lead to much larger ones.

He also has some brilliant advice about building a community to grow creativity. If you’re a solo artist fighting to be heard, Noah’s message about how to move to greater collaboration – with all the natural resistance that goes with it – is essential listening.

Listen to the entire episode HERE