On your mark. Get set. Creative Sprint!

via ArtoberVA

The Richmond arts and culture scene is in Noah Scalin’s DNA.

“I was born into the arts and culture world,” Scalin says. “Both of my parents are artists, and they taught at VCU for many, many years. I grew up at VCU and spent all my time in those buildings as a kid. So I never questioned that I was going to be involved in creating art and being creative.”

After going to school for theater design in New York, Scalin shifted his focus to graphic design and moved back to Richmond to run his design business. Then, in 2007, something happened that would change his life and, ultimately, the local arts community.

“I reached a creative plateau. I hit a point in my career where I wasn’t excited by what I was doing anymore,” Scalin says. “I was stagnating, I wasn’t inspired, and I felt stuck. So I did this really ridiculous project called Skull A Day, where I made a piece of skull art every day for a year, as my way of doing something for myself instead of clients. And that year process really transformed my life and my career. It was a great lesson in how creativity worked in this way that was very profound for me and also for people who came in contact with the project.”

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