Why You Should Hire An Artist As Your Next Business Consultant

via Fast Company

More companies are turning to artists when they need a fresh perspective on marketing and branding.

It's easy to put artists in the box of "whimsical creatures that live outside societal norms," so why would business leaders turn to them for guidance and insight about how to make their organizations more profitable and run more efficiently?

Turns out, the leaders in companies such as Capital One, GAP, GE, Mozilla, MTV, and Coca-Cola have done just that, turning to the artist-consultants of Another Limited Rebellion and K-Hole to help solve their innovation and branding problems...

Another Limited Rebellion (ALR), started out as a web design company founded by Noah Scalin. In finding an answer to his own need for a creative outlet outside of the humdrum of work, Noah started Skull-A-Day, which took off as an internet phenomenon. Since then, he has authored five books on design and creativity and traveled the world bringing his message of creative potential and design activism to everyone from incarcerated teenagers to Fortune 500 executives. Noah then teamed up with his sister Mica Scalin to create the new iteration of ALR, which now teaches core creative practices and an art-based training methodology essential to sustained innovation and growth to clients including Capital One, GAP, GE, Mozilla, and Coca- Cola.

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