"The Kmarts of the business world aren’t keeping up with the Googles. And one reason is a widening gap in innovation, creativity, and, more fundamentally, a curiosity to discover and embrace new ideas."

"Anyone can work toward and become a part of breakout innovation. And you can start tomorrow. "

"Creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need."

89% of executives agree that creativity is a top skill.

New research supports that daily creative activity results in positive psychological functioning.

There is no investment that connects us to each other, moves us to action, and strengthens our ability to make collective choices more than arts and culture.

  59% of companies said the arts increased employee creativity and growth.

In the face of the changes ahead, artists and creatives will become a key driver of the digital age.    

What the arts allow us to do is develop the muscle required for discernment, and also strengthen our sense of agency to determine for ourselves how we’re going to tackle a given problem.

At a time of constant change and turmoil in so many industries, the business leader can learn much from the artist.

Like the artist, the leader must draw on her or his unique personality, values and vision. As with art, business leadership must arouse creative energy, provide inspiration and promote self-expression and out-of-the-box-thinking.

More companies that foster creativity achieve exceptional revenue growth than peers.