photo by Ansel Olson

photo by Ansel Olson

Our services focus on core creative practices essential to sustained innovation and growth.

Creative Momentum

Brainstorming is dead, long live brainstorming! This is not about coming up with a pile of ideas. It is about generating momentum so that you can get to the really good ones faster. It is about not having to wait for inspiration to strike. It is about being able to draw out the inherent creative potential in yourself and those around you anywhere any time.

Collaborative Culture

You can’t do it alone. This is the bottom line. Big challenges require all hands on deck. It’s time to overcome the mental and physical barriers that are holding your organization back from the dynamic collaborations required for the pace of innovation, today.

Big Picture Vision

Why predict the future when you can invent it? Great art changes how we see and understand the world. Dig into the perspective-shifting and pattern recognition techniques that regularly lead artists to predictive thinking. This process results in a powerful shared vision, strong enough to align even the most diverse and dispersed organizations.

The Art of Feedback

Often we get feedback at a time when we are unable to hear it – or worse, when it is too late.  Artists benefit from a rigorous practice of feedback on their works-in-progress called critique. Giving and receiving it is an art itself. Practicing this method eliminates “beating around the bush”, hurt feelings and hones an ability to listen – not just for the words, but for crucial alternative perspectives.

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