Our customized engagements help you address current challenges with a fresh mindset.

We’re here to help you create a sustainable culture of innovation for the long-term benefit of your organization. Through structured application of learnings our clients learn to draw out the creative potential in anyone – at any time.

Through this process you will learn to:

  • Identify blind spots and assumptions that are hindering innovation
  • Turn insights into applications.
  • Increase ability to solve problems collaboratively and responsively
  • Define action plans to address current challenges.
  • Find new opportunities for growth

INNOVATION & Change at VCU School of Business



When a business school decided to put creativity front and center in their new mission, they needed to activate it with an approach that would connect to students, faculty, and administration and make them stand out as a leader of innovative business education.



ALR co-founder, Noah Scalin, served at the first ever artist-in-residence at the business school - the first role of its kind in the country. During the school year, we employed a variety of approaches to engage different stakeholders. From installation art to experiential workshops, we brought together diverse perspectives to expand the perception of what business school could offer the leaders of tomorrow.



This program was recognized with an award for innovation from the The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Our work has resulted in an ongoing dialogue between students, faculty, and administration about how to activate creative ideas on a regular basis to continually improve educational experiences and has helped to differentiate the school amongst prospective students.