Engage and Motivate with Creativity

This October we will provide you with all the tools you need to cultivate capabilities and jumpstart innovation in your workplace.


Keeping up with the pace of innovation requires unprecedented amounts of creativity.

That’s why creativity has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must have” in the workplace – not just for some people – for everyone.

Too many companies say they value creativity, but don’t actually do anything to demonstrate it in a meaningful way.

It’s time to make creativity more than a buzzword in your company – and we’ll make it simple for you to do it!

Workplace Creativity is Employee Engagement with Lasting Impact.

Attract and retain talent

Attract and retain talent



Increased engagement and motivation.


Fun and Effective

“People who engaged in creative pursuits today felt significantly more energetic, enthusiastic, and excited the next day.” Recent studies have concluded that engaging in daily creative activity (of all types!) can lead to increased well being,

It’s sure to become a favorite annual event in your company, while generating excitement and energy for a long time to come.

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What You GEt:

Kickoff Conference Call

  • Learn best practices to support creativity at work

  • Get your creativity questions answered!

Engagement Toolkit

  • Step-by-step guide to making Workplace Creativity Month a win for everyone.

Printable Resources  

  • Promotional flyers and graphics

  • Motivational posters

  • Reflection & Application worksheets

Bragging Rights

  • Official “Creative Workplace” badge to use on websites, social etc.

  • Participation certificate for employees.

Community Connection

  • Become a Creative Workplace featured in our newsletters and social media.

  • Access to private LinkedIn group exclusively for Workplace Creativity leaders.

  • Maintain connections through Instagram with community hashtag.

BASIC Workplace Creativity
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What You GEt:

Everything included in BASIC plus:

  • Save time on sourcing and printing materials. We’ll make you a creativity studio in a box that we will send to your office with everything you will need inside. Just open it and get started!

  • Limited Edition 2019 Workplace Creativity art print. Suitable for framing and hanging.

DELUXE Workplace Creativity
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What You GEt:

Everything included in DELUXE plus:

We come to you. Work directly with the ALR team to customize your workplace creativity month engagement. Get artist-led workshops and hands-on learning experiences on site.

Thousands Have Participated in Our 30-day Creative Challenges.

HERE’S What People are saying:

“My team and I have enjoyed it so much and have created some great things as well as built our team morale.” –Tina, Capital One

“I’m not sure how or why, but I felt during those monthly sprints I had more energy and a brighter outlook on life, and was just more positive in general.” –Dawne, Owens & Minor

“This, awakened a part of me that I did not know I had, with so much energy and zeal.” –Rajsekhar, Capital One

“Sometimes the hardest part about being creative is getting started. What I learned was not to be afraid of the first attempt.” –Kristine,  Columbia Gas

“My mind was opened to endless possibilities.” –Melissa, Dole